The Complete Review: Uncanny X-Force #25

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Uncanny X-Force #25

Uncanny X-Force #25
Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Force #25 (Marvel Comics, released: May 9, 2012)

After everything that’s happened with Apocalypse, Warren, and Jamie, Psylocke wants no more of X-Force and quits the team. This in turn leads to Fantomex quitting the team, as well. There’s nothing Wolverine can do as he watches them leave and ponders the final words Betsy said to him before she left. Is X-Force just an excuse for Wolverine to let out his animal aggressions and kill people? He’ll have plenty of opportunity to do that after coming face-to-face with The Omega Clan, grown from the original Omega Red.

The way Psylocke is portrayed in this issue contrasts very strongly with the Psylocke of the past. I guess that is a good thing for Remender, to be able to write a character that so many people connect with and favour and make that character seem like a totally different person. It makes fans love the character even more. More and more, it feels Deadpool is on the team just to get X-Force into situations. He’s always on recons and this issue is no different.

This is the start of the final storyline for Uncanny X-Force before the Marvel NOW! relaunch. Did it start off well? Hard to say. To me, it didn’t feel like it had as good a start as The Apocalypse Solution or The Dark Angel Saga. But this is a 1o-part storyline so there’s lots of pages for Final Execution to be epic.

This issue, being the 25th issue of Uncanny X-Force was double-sized, so it included two short tales, one of Wolverine and the other of Deadpool. The Wolverine one was alright but the Deadpool one was ridiculous and just toilet humour. Just when I was almost tolerating the character, I read this trite mess. Both of the stories were not memorable and I wish they didn’t include them at a $1 premium.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0


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