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Hey guys, you probably noticed I haven’t been around much lately. That’s because I’ve been focusing all my energy and attention over on my YouTube channel. Because of that, I’ve decided to quietly end comics, please! That doesn’t mean I’m leaving the comic world; I’m just going to “put all my eggs into one basket”, so to speak. All my weekly pulls and comic reviews will be available exclusively on my YouTube channelĀ so find me there for all new content every week.

Thanks to all you guys that have visited comics, please! in the past and left comments and words of encouragement. Hopefully you all follow me over on YouTube and I’ll continue to push out new stuff.


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Pull List (1.30.2013)

New comics, impulse buys, and shoutouts!
This week, I picked up:
Invincible #98-100
Aquaman #16
Avengers #4
Superior Spider-Man #2
Saga TPB Vol. 1

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Pull List (1.23.2013)

Lots of comics this week for me. Batwoman #16 made my eyes happy but my brain had to work equally as hard with all the writing. Justice League #16 was an awesome superhero book and I want more of that from this series. Nick Spencer shows us in Bedlam #3 that good writing will always carry a book. I didn’t really like Uncanny Avengers #3 this week. Long delays and lack of identity distract from this series. Avengers #3 was a bit better but still nowhere where I want it to be. Maybe I’m just not cut out for Avengers team books. FF #3 was a heck of a fun read and Mike Allred is killing it on the art. Finally, Uncanny X-Force finally relaunches and I’m super excited for this series. Issue #1 was a solid start and I can’t wait for Issue #2.

On with the videos!


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Pull List (1.16.2013)

All these new Marvel titles with their two-times-a-month shipping schedule makes every week a Marvel week! Eventually, they might find that their readers will just simply burn out from all the Marvel that’s being released. But it’s still early and I’m still enjoying the series that I’m picking up. This week, Captain America is still lost in Dimension Z, Kitty Pryde teaches Jean Grey how to focus, we meet Todd, the ugliest kid on Earth, Hulk fights a giant-ass robot, and everyone is asking how the heck did Wolverine end up in the Savage Land.

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The Complete Review: Uncanny X-Force #35

Uncanny X-Force #35

Uncanny X-Force #35
Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Force #35 (Marvel Comics, released: December 19, 2012)

So this is how an issues reads when the writer knows well in advance it’s the last issue. A proper wrap-up to a fantastic series. And even though it’s a wrap, it sure did create a whole lot of questions and possibilities for the future. It looks like Deadpool and Evan are pretty close so could we see Evan appear in Deadpool’s new solo series down the road? We also finally know what it was that old Logan whispered into Wolverine’s ear just before they were transported back from the future. Turns out, old Logan couldn’t kill Daken, which allowed for him to kill a bunch of Wolverine’s students. So that gives some explanation to why Wolverine had to kill Daken last issue. And just when I thought Fantomex was dead, they resurrect him. Except because he’s got three brains, the cloning machine made three separate Fantomexs, one of which is pretty evil and another is the lady Fantomex we’ll see in the Uncanny X-Force relaunch. This should be interesting.

I really enjoyed the series. Though there were some issues that weren’t on par with the entire series as a whole, I felt Rick Remender wrote some incredible stories. As a reader, he made me care about the Fantomex character and he also wrote a Deadpool that was tolerable to me, which is no mighty feat. Overall, I can see why Uncanny X-Force was heralded by so many. I’m really looking forward to the new series, even if Remender is no longer writing. Which is alright, since I can enjoy his work on Uncanny Avengers and the new Captain America (which I really like).

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

Editorial Note: If you’ve been following along with my Complete Review for Uncanny X-Force, then you may remember way back on Issue #1, I said there was a reason I chose this particular series as the first one to start this feature off with and why I chose that fateful day back on December 10. So here it is. Back in December, the Marvel NOW! relaunch of Uncanny X-Force was supposed to start tomorrow with the new #1. But looks like in the past couple of weeks, the good folks at Marvel decided to push it back a week and instead, #1 is being released next week Wednesday Jan 23. So there you have it, I was going to nicely finish off this series at #35 today and tomorrow I’d have Uncanny X-Force Vol. 2 #1 in my hands, ready to read and a sweet continuation to Vol. 1. Alas, it was not meant to be.

On a different note, as great as Uncanny X-Force was, I realized that reading a new issue and doing a review every single day was very tiring. Some days, I just didn’t want to read any comics and I didn’t want to think (those days were usually after a long day at work when I had already used my brain too much). But I carried on like a trooper and I got through the series without skipping a single day. Looking back, it was fun and I finally got around to reading the entire acclaimed run, but I don’t think I’d go back and do it again. I think for future instalments, I’ll probably pick a shorter series, maybe like a mini-series or something so that I don’t have to commitment such a long timeframe to a single comic. I also appreciate the diversification of different books and when you’re reading/reviewing the same series every day, it tends to almost decrease your enjoyment of the series as a whole because, as mentioned, some days you just look at it and say to yourself, ‘I don’t want to read this anymore’. Thanks to everyone that’s been visiting my website and reading my posts, I appreciate all the support!!

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The Complete Review: Uncanny X-Force #34

Uncanny X-Force #34

Uncanny X-Force #34
Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Force #34 (Marvel Comics, released: November 21, 2012)

So Psylocke forgetting who she was? Self-induced amnesia. No harm, no foul. Nightcrawler gets confronted by EVA, who stabs him for his betrayal. Nightcrawler escapes the only way he knows how, by BAMF’ing out. Evan, donned in the Apocalypse suit is beginning to fill with hatred and revenge, except it’s all directed at Daken’s crew. He now sees who they really are. The Skinless Man toys with him but eventually meets his death by Deadpool’s sword. Seeing no way to get Fantomex back, Evan goes apocalyptically and causes an explosion. They save Wolverine and Evan is about to kill Mystique but Nightcrawler comes to the rescue and teleports away with her. Wolverine and Daken battle and it is here where Wolverine kills him. Sabretooth re-appears and reveals he was the grandmaster to this entire plan. Evan joins the X-Force team as they leave. And The Final Execution Saga comes to an end.

Pretty good ending, they left it to the last issue before Evan put on the suit and he demonstrates that he’s still young and has a lot to learn, especially about control his emotions and reactions. I was a little confused with what was happening during the Psylocke scenes, I wasn’t sure what was happening and to whom. The fight between Wolverine and Logan was pretty good. Daken is full-on berserk but Wolverine is still in control of his psyche so he’s able to defeat Daken. Really nice touch to show Wolverine’s thoughts of a possible time when he was a good father to Daken. All the stuff Daken said to him when he was tied up comes back here, with image montages of what it would have looked like. And in the end, Wolverine has no choice but to kill Daken because he is lost and he will never be regained. I guess with Nightcrawler teleporting away with Mystique, that leaves Age of Apocalypse as an ongoing title. I’m not following that so this will be a thread that is left unfinished. And it looks like Fantomex really is dead. There’s one issue left before the Marvel NOW! relaunch so I’m interested to see what story they tell there and how this series gets concluded.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

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The Complete Review: Uncanny X-Force #33

Uncanny X-Force #33

Uncanny X-Force #33
Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Force #33 (Marvel Comics, released: November 7, 2012)

A real father and son conversation takes place between Daken and Wolverine. Daken telling Wolverine about how it could have all been different if he was there for him. Wolverine telling him he didn’t deserve it. But Daken’s full-blown villain and there’s no way to change that. Meanwhile, Deadpool continues to get his butt kicked and he’s still concerned for Evan, begging him not to put on the Apocalypse suit. Psylocke and Farouk wage a psychic battle and Psylocke stops short of killing him, because she wants no more killing. Too bad for her because Farouk doesn’t share those feelings as he zaps her and makes her forget everything, including where she is and who she is. Nightcrawler finally gets his revenge and kills the Blob. Daken has found a way to kill Wolverine but Evan could stop it…

Another really good issue. I can see things heading towards the end. Nightcrawler has exacted his revenge (pretty gruesomely, I might add) and Evan is moving closer and closer to becoming Apocalypse. Actually, in the end, he does put on the suit but I think it’s not for the reasons of world destruction. And if I’m clever enough to figure it out, I think Daken actually wanted Evan to put on the suit to rescue Wolverine because thus far, nothing he’s done has convinced Evan to put on the suit. With this hurdle out of the way, decision time is coming very soon. And Psylocke? I think she has to kill again in order to regain her memory. And if she’s forgotten that she doesn’t want to kill, that should make it easier. Thing is, does she know who to kill? There’s only two issues left and there’s still so much to come.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

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